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Our cars - Mercedes Benz Actros

On the trucks of the family Mercedes Benz Actros engines are installed five hundred, more powerful, unlike the Mercedes Atego truck series. In total, offers 8 engine options from 320 to 578 hp Specialists Daimler AG have always been craving for various high-tech innovations. As a result, the engines of modern Aktros apply such technical innovations as the water pump with a two-stage, controlled by the compressor and many other electronic "chips". The electronic system of technical control «Teligent», tracking of actual loads and engine wear, increases the mezhservisnye runs up to 120 000 km. It should be noted that the system «Teigent» not only monitors the engine, but also directly involved in the management of a truck. Signals from a multitude of sensors are transmitted in a split second in the "nerve center" of the system and just a fraction of a second back to the various systems of the truck served the team to ensure best performance. Thus, the system «Teligent» controls almost the entire car. This engine and transmission, and brakes, and even anti-theft system. Complete control!

Accompanying goods - everything to gain

Why it makes sense to use the services of GLS on the transport of cargo passing? The advantages are obvious: the cost of transporting your cargo is greatly reduced, and the shipment is reliable, powerful technique and a wealth of experience and the availability of a computerized system opimizatsii routes to ensure timely delivery of cargo to the destination.