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In logistics, international freight forwarding activities and there are a large number of special documents and terms. Most of them are directly related to the process of transport of goods: goods, materials, products. This is the documentation, without which it is impossible to make cargo transportation, even in a neighboring country.
To facilitate the transport of goods, international trade, convenient work forwarders and carriers, and for the comfort of cargo. International freight and customs conventions developed special international documentation necessary for transportation of goods. In this case, there are transport documents required for any type of cargo, and there are specific, applicable to a particular type of cargo.
Invoice - Invoice
Invoice - the invoice is used as the valuation of goods, and sent with the goods, so to speak is certified value of the goods.
Packing list
Addition to the invoice is a packing list - cargo accompanying document containing a list of items of cargo.
Other accompanying document is a specification containing a list of the delivered goods with the number for each class, brand, code injection pump, the article and, where necessary, prices, quality indicators.
Transit declaration T-1
For import / export goods with the EU, there are two main documents. For shipments of non-European origin in the EU, based on the invoice and packing list made up of transit declaration T-1. And this declaration is made at the EU border, in the case of freight transport.
Declaration of the EX-1
In the case of export of goods outside the EU uses a different standard international document - the export declaration EX-1, a document issued for export cargo. Declaration that must accompany the goods until the very end of his route. When exporting goods from the EU customs stamp. Original export declaration stamped by the sender forward the cargo, which allows the shipper to sell the goods without paying VAT. At the same time allows the buyer of the goods to avoid paying VAT VAT at the exit from Europe.
Waybill for transport of cargo (CMR)
Road Consignment Note (CMR) - a transport document evidencing a contract between a carrier and the consignor of the road transport of goods. For international road traffic, this document must contain the information required by the Convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR): date of shipment, description of goods to be transported, the name and address of the carrier, name of consignee, delivery time, cost of transportation. The consignment note signed by the carrier and shipper. Waybill is not a document of title can not be endorsed, issued by the specified load it to the recipient.
In order to simplify customs procedures for the carriage of cargo by road was established Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods, and developed the TIR Convention (TIR), which allows to carry cargo with customs seals for vehicles and containers through transit states.
Currently, the Baltic states, Belarus and Moldova have the right to issue a cornet TIR, but this document has validity. Carnet, CARNET TIR. currently in use, are designed respectively for the transport of goods through the territory of 7 or 10 states.
We have listed only the main documents required for carriage of goods by any mode of transport. Depending on the specificity of your order, type of cargo, loading and delivery, our specialists will prepare the necessary documents.